Our Team

Our Team

Global Signals Group (GSG) was formed by a team of dedicated Railroad Signal and Communications Engineers who knew they could deliver better engineering designs and service to railroad and light rail service customers worldwide.

Our engineering team has experience and expertise in all aspects of rail crossing and signal projects, including commuter and freight rail systems and light rail/transit systems. The team has experience developing both electrified (OCS and third rail) and non-electrified systems worldwide. Global Signals Group holds professional engineering licences in several states, as well as a C-10 DVBE electrical contractor’s licence.



Randall Bird, MIRSE – Principal / Technical DirectorP6210116


Randall has more than 20 years of experience in designing and building railway signals and train controls. Randall’s experience spans all aspects of train control systems, from relay-based interlocking controls to the latest microprocessor technologies. Randall has worked on design and deployment of a variety of light rail systems in Portland, Oregon, and San Diego, as well as the Washington County Commuter Rail system. Randall has worked with most of the transportation agencies throughout the Oregon Tri-County area, including Metro, Portland Bureau of Transportation, and Oregon Department of Transportation.

Randall is based in San Diego, California.


Raymond Rizman, PE, MIRSE – Principal / Engineering DirectorGSG_RRizman

As a Professional Engineer (registration: Electrical) in several states, Ray is a qualified signal engineer who brings more than 18 years of systems engineering experience to the team. Ray’s expertise in the design, construction and maintenance of railroad systems began when working on the electrified commuter and freight territories (non-electrified) in New South Wales and Victoria, Australia. He is currently involved in numerous light rail and heavy rail projects in various capacities from Project Manager to Signal Engineer and Inspector on the U.S. west coast. Ray’s experience spans the latest computer-based interlocking controls, conventional relay logic, and mechanical interlocking’s gives him a unique insight into giving advice on the correct technology choice when it comes to communications networks and systems architectures on any given railroad. Ray is a Member of the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE) and a Member of the Engineers Australia (EA).

Ray is based in San Diego, California.


Office: P: +1 (619) 312 2220

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