Signal Success

Recent Signal Success Projects


Alaska Railroad Corporation (Midvale Electric): Designed and engineered test plans as part of the expansion of the Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) system, including construction oversight, factory acceptance testing, and pretesting new control points.

Projects: Alaska railroad CTC Project


Houston HRT (Mass Electric Construction Co.): Field Engineering Support. Tasks include testing and commissioning of multiple interlockings, intermediate locations, and grade crossings. Integrated systems testing starting with factory acceptance testing.

Projects: Houston Metro Projects

soundtransitSound Transit (HDR Engineering): Design Support During Construction. Design review of the South 200th Street extension signal arrangements. Tasks include all attributes of design review and constructability, delivery of preliminary design (for bid), and provide signal engineering support and submittal review during the construction phase.

Projects: South 200th Street Extension

tirmetTri-Met (URS Corp): Circuit Design & Data Design Services. Complete design services for an integrated Maintenance of Way training track that includes a fully functioning microprocessor based interlocking using Microlok and a relay based grade crossing.

Projects: Rose Quarter Rehabilitation Project


Metropolitan Transit System: Our team has worked with this agency on a number of projects involving their Sicas S7 software, holding a variety of key positions. Some of these positions include, Project Manager, Signal Construction Manager, Systems/Signals Engineer, Software Engineer, and Lead Test Engineer.

Projects: South Line Freight Improvement Project, Blue Line Crossover, JOC Contract


Calgary Transit: Systems Engineering Services: This project tasked Global Signals Group, Inc with analyzing the existing interlocking and determining causes as to why it does not work as intended. After troubleshooting the existing circuit design and data design, and determining the root cause of the issues, GSG made various software changes, and successfully performed FAT and preliminary on-site testing.

Projects: Anderson North Interlocking Investigation

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