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Relay Contact Extraction Tool: ReCET



Product Description

Hello ReCET,

Say goodbye to the mustard stick! The Relay Contact Extraction Tool (ReCET) is a revolutionary new tool that was designed and created by a small team of engineers at Global Signals Group to remove spring clips from the base of an Ansaldo PN series relay with ease. Not only is it a more functional tool but it is also certain to last longer than the mustard stick. The ReCET requires only one hand to operate and involves no wire pulling and no frustration. Just stick the tool in and pull the tool out to remove the contact clip and wire in one easy motion. Exactly the way removing the relay receptacle springs should be. Check out the Instruction Guide and ReCET Flyer for more information and watch the videos of the tool in action on #14 and #10 size spring clips.

Note: We offer Bulk Pricing and expect 4-6 week lead time


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